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Proudly hosted by Smack Jeeves.
(We love It)
Mercenaries, vampires and freaking crazy demons, a good and enjoyable if you like having a psycho-crazy demon named Joey as the main atraccition.
A cold and recless assassin and a sweet and inocent lady... WHat could happen?
Kat is a very scared little girl. On a Halloween night she summons up the courage to go trick-or-treating, but instead of receiving candy she opens up a strange box that lets loose horrifying monsters upon the world, including the Boogey Man.
AQuinn (who is not a people person)has a job at 'Suffering Souls',a secert society that quietly puts wandering or haunting souls to rest.Detectives for the half-dead,almost. Quinn being blessed with the gift to see these beings,works full time,flawlessly. Until Quinn meets GHOST (Gerard Hailen Oswald Stanley Thomas),a soul that has been wandering for 500 years. A soul so tortured that the reason it remains is so blurred,it may even stump Quinn. It may even bring Quinn in so deep there may be no getting out.It seems his life is taking a definant,unchangable turn.
t WormWood High School, everyone is Supernatural. From Demonic Teachers (literally) to little impish Freshmen (also literally), the halls of WormWood High are never peaceful...or boring for that matter. Ash, a Sophmore at the school, is something of an idol to the other students in her grade, but not by choice. Far from it. Actually, she hates the attention. Unknown to her ignorant admirers, she wishes she could "cut their freaking legs off" or "blow up the damn school." So, what happens when she gets her hands on something that will let her do just that? Mayhem. And Hillarity.